The Awe and Wonder of 2019


December 2019, a time to reflect on the experiences of light we have created with all of you. As we began this journey into co-creation and unity consciousness, we never dreamed it would be so magical. The journey started with three as the Trio Of Light and is now so expanded with each and everyone of you. Our light combined is strong and full.


The nervousness we felt at the first light bath dissolved into laughter and joy with the expressions of light and energy, that unfolded along the light patterns of magical sound and the vibrations of the spoken word. We together as a group witnessed co-creation and unity consciousness, along with the new awareness of our own multidimensional light.


 We activated our spiritual DNA and opened to the light of our original creation. Together we all began to travel the patterns and pathways of light through the dimensions of wisdom and knowledge. As the light baths became more and more light filled and as we all began to access and integrate the flow of new light and energy, we slowly began to stabilized the light for all.



In August the multidimensional light of the ascending earth met us in our light travels, we assisted in anchoring and opening the lions gate of light for mother earth, and by September we all were holding and integrating so much light the lions gate opened to full breath.  



 In October and November we traveled through the dimensions and vibrations of Compassion, Love, Joy, Peace, and Gratitude anchoring the highest vibrations in the light of the new world. And in December with the laughter and glee of children we rode magical unicorns together into the light of Unity Consciousness recognizing the light and joy in ourselves and each other.

The light and vibrations of awe and wonder this holiday season brings us to the present ! We celebrate the gifts of magic and wonder of the multidimensional elements of earth and the light trails you all leave on our hearts and minds as we step or jump if you must into 2020.

See You All In The Light !