Sacred Feminine

Universal Wisdom and Truth – Mary Nash

We open the lines of communication to help the masses understand the Cosmos from a new perspective of the NEW WORLD

The flow of humanity is in flux the time is now to find the vibrations of the future we are here to support the creation of what is to come.  This is not our creation but yours, what inspires the new fields and portals of awareness?


Sacred Feminine –


We ask why do we use the term sacred?  Is it not the divine nature of all things the term as you say of endearment is held so tightly, these terms that the vibrations are stifled and there is no air to allow them to flow.  If the sacred feminine were to find a place in the new flow of divine creation what would it look like?  Gentle and sweet full of compassion and grace is this image sacred?  To not have a flow of the words and vibrations of those words, to try and apply the term sacred is not conducive to the new vibrations of the feminine nature.


What is the vibration of the term Divine or Divine Nature?  Allow the term to flow with the resonance and discourse of liquid light.  What does the nature of the feminine hold as liquid light?  Does she not become the flow?  The flow of joy and compassion sparkling like a jewel of brilliant light.  In the flow of the feminine you have the flow of the masculine.  Balanced and pure like two jewels that reflect the light of each other.  Now this is so Divine in nature balanced to support the brilliance of each.