Meet Mary

I am a part of and witness to The New World Emerging. I am a bridge to understanding the full embodiment of the ascension process, and our original pure existence with all the light, love and wisdom of infinite possibilities within life on earth. I am an open door, a guide, teacher and healer, for the ascension process, helping to assist others in remembering the pure light of their original existence. 

I am a clear channel for the infinite and eternal divine love and light. This ascension light has expanded my mind and heart, and within this space I can always expect the unexpected. I search for the experiences of consciousness within the fields of universal truth and the infinite possibilities of our multidimensional light. I always question; how can I look at this through the eyes of our original pure and divine multidimensional light body? How can I learn and use the divine and conscious fields of the universe? How can I experience this moment in a more divine expression?

I grew up on a ranch in Northern California, and many of my early spiritual experiences happened out in the country, realizing that we share consciousness, light and energy with everything around us. I had the freedom and ability to explore these different fields of consciousness and energy, discovering that the consciousness of the animals and earth are in perfect harmony with our physical bodies and minds.

This unity consciousness opened a great interest for me in the conscious fields of awareness that surround us at all times. How does this consciousness of light work in our physical environment, not only on the inside the micro but as a whole in the macro of the universe, and how a thought from our mind places a movement or emotion into conscious action.

As a teacher for 25 years, I have learned and studied the fields of human nature through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields and the consciousness within those fields of awareness. This evolved over the past 18 years, into my work in the areas of spiritual development and the ascension process, energy healing, and light activation.

I am a teacher and healer for the ascension process, I provide channeled divine guidance, energy healing, ascension matrix light and DNA activation. I enjoy helping others find their own expression and their own awareness of the love, light and energy of all things in life.

My husband Mark and I have a passion for all things spiritual, and our commitment to each other has brought us together in a beautiful way. We approach all things with a multitude of perspectives. Over the many years, we have learned to honor and respect the views we each have to offer. Together, we have studied the energy fields of the earth and animal consciousness. We work with nature for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our life.

Our love for the divine expands and strengthens our awareness, our hearts, and our relationship with each other. During times of trouble and heartache, we try to always ask for assistance in seeing the issues through God’s divine light, finding the highest perspective of truth, guidance and love as we travel through those tender moments in our life.

I am a devoted wife and grandmother whose passion is the ascension process and finding the truth and the deeper understanding of the ascension light.

As a teacher and healer, I am always learning how to improve my life through the expanding awareness of my own soul’s expression on Earth.