Collective Consciousness ~ Pain and Suffering

Universal Wisdom and Truth – Mary Nash 

Collective Consciousness and Pain and Suffering~   What is it that keeps us in the state and cycle of pain and suffering ?

 We create our own pain and suffering by our beliefs and thought forms this then becomes a thread of the collective consciousness that we have created as a thought form.

For example:

1.  This pain and suffering serves my needs known and unknown.

Examples such as:  I’m sick I have a good excuse or I need your attention and love

2.  I deny the pain and suffering. If I ignore it, it will go away.  It’s a long way from my heart

Examples such as if I don’t see it its not there, sweep it under the rug so nobody can see it

3.  Fear of the unknown or the fear of the known within the family lineage or hereditary states.


 When we deny the light we step into pain and suffering, this is a continued state of the great cover up of the light.  The great denial  

 The collective consciousness is being supported by the continued pain and suffering and the above states of awareness.

But as we move forward into the light of our multi-dimensional self and begin learning to become the light.  We begin to see and learn that the light does not carry the consciousness of pain or suffering, in this field of awareness as light we are breaking down the collective thought forms and consciousness around pain and suffering.

Seeing the light of our multi-dimensional self is the greatest power of awareness that we need. 

As we begin to see ourselves in our pure state of light without the pain and suffering without disease and illness we begin to see the truth.