April Newsletter


April Newsletter

Notes From Our Multi-dimensional Guides

One of the concepts that the Trio of Light has introduced to you is the awareness of a multi-dimensional light field called the Trail of light. Your dimensional self has its own light field or energy flow. It is your calling card or light signature, as unique as you are. Imagine walking down the street and a beautiful stream of light bubbles are trailing from you depositing this energy for others and the earth. Your awareness of this truth propels you on your ascension path. This trail of light is speaking to the world from the many multi-dimensions of you. As you focus on this truth, you become brighter and brighter generating more light. This light is never wasted as it is continually available to the whole.

In this time of respite, your awareness of this trail of light is crucial. Ponder how you dial up or dial it down in brightness. Sharing the words of hope, laughter and smiles, activates and expands your light. The words of worry and fear can hide and diminish your trail of light. What do you choose each day? To be the bright light of a new beginning riding the energy of the ascending earth or entrenched in the energy of forgetting who you truly are. Your purpose now in this moment in time is to connect and shine on, illuminating the path of ascension for humanity and the consciousness of the earth. Focus on your trail of light and above all do not doubt the light that you are.

Thaddeus – channeled by Jan Mahloch

Connecting our Trails of Light through Telepathic Sound

Exciting News: Katlin Friedman serves by beaming a telepathic vibrational sound experience for you to receive from the comfort of your own home. This introduction to your own telepathic reception abilities and experience is offered free of charge.

Catch and ride the Wave of Magical Sound. No need for technology. All it takes is a quiet space where you commune with your multi-dimensional self. This is a telepathic transmission that we are all capable of. Trust that your multi-dimensional light will join with Katlin and others through this magical sound vibration to refresh and support you in the light.

How it works:

Katlin, from within her multi-dimensional self, will intuitively play a concert featuring the crystal lyre, crystal bowl, native drum and native flute. All you need to do is sit comfortably in a chair or lie on your bed. Letting go of all distractions, relax into your breath. With your intention, ask your multi-dimensional self to catch and ride the wave of Katlin’s expanding sound energy. Exercise your imagination, allowing your 5 senses to support your sound experience. Allow any sensations, images or feelings to gently flow through you. Relax and let your multi-dimensional self be in charge of this telepathic experience. Charge up your trail of light, knowing the magical sound is activating and enhancing your energy field. When you feel complete, anchor yourself back into your body by expression and remembrance of this experience. Breathe fully and feel the deep renewal that light can bring.

If you want more information or want to share your experience, email Katlin at mail@triooflight.com This introduction to your own telepathic reception abilities and experience is offered free of charge.

In Joy and Light Katlin