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Personal sessions are designed to help you awaken to the light of ascension, and to assist one in assimilating more light, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Events and Classes

All programs are designed to help one find greater perspective and deeper understanding of the ascension process.

Meet Mary

I am an ascension light guide, teacher and healer, I am an open door, a clear channel for the infinite and eternal divine light.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the action, sensation or moment of recognition that a change has been made, moving the soul towards the recognition and remembrance of the purity and wholeness of our original existence.

To Restore to Original Purity to Make Sound or Whole

Most of us want to be more in harmony and balance with all that we do in our complex lives. Ascension is the awareness of all bodies, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual working in alignment and harmony towards love of self and the awareness of the light as the truth of who we are.

Empower Yourself by Remembering

By working with the unlimited potential of the pure light, infinite possibilities are created. When physical, mental and emotional disturbances occur, we lose sight of our true multi-dimensional selves and our essential path towards pure divine light and unity consciousness. Ascension brings the awareness of unity consciousness and that you are one with All That Is, opening your consciousness to the divine light and reminding you who you are as a multi-dimensional being of pure radiant light.


Many have come together to become not one spark of light but to become a vast web of light that blankets planet Earth. Starseeds have a unique purpose to assist in the anchoring of unity consciousness and the new emerging world. To learn more watch our Starseed video here.

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The Light Of Ascension

Thoughts to Ponder

As you sit quietly bringing your focus and awareness to the very center of your be-ing allow yourself to ponder one of these thoughts, allow the magic of the inner vision to support new awareness, new vibrations and deeper understanding of these concepts, ideas, words and images.

“The ancient art of contemplation serves the wisdom of the new world”

Unity Conciousness

Universal Light

Light and Darkness

Living Light